Marybrooke Manor Weddings

Marybrooke Manor Weddings

Marybrooke Manor Weddings

Marybrooke Manor Weddings. Krijstelle Sam.

A sneak-peek from this gorgeous wedding at Marybrooke Manor

Krijstelle and Samuel met at a church mission in Thailand. Sam was instantly captured by Krijstelle’s big eyes and his mission instantly shifted… he wanted to get to know her better…

Krijstelle and Samuel instantly noticed how the two were trying to find every perfect excuse to be together and they soon discovered that if Sam was nowhere to be found, that is because he was with Krijstelle and vice versa.

Upon completing the church mission trip, Sam went back to Darwin and Krijstelle to Melbourne. Both to complete their studies. But they kept in touch through Skype until the distance became unbearable and Krijstelle made the decision to move to the Northern Territory.

What a beautiful story and what a gorgeous wedding was yesterday. Here is a sneak-peek for you all

{vendors at the end of this post}


Venue: Marybrooke Manor
Flowers: Anouk Flowers
Cake: Miss Ladybird Cakes
Hair and Make Up: Unique U Makeovers

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