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Wedding Albums

I read once that a Wedding Album is a bit like a wedding dress: it’s meant to be looked at and enjoyed. I truly believe images shine when they are printed and showcased in beautiful Art Albums and that is why I always suggest to my couples to have one professionally done.

My Collections (2 and 3) include a 10×10 inches album encased in a matching leather/linen case.

Each album features rigid pages, lay flat spreads, linen cover with cameo and stain proof pages. All my clients have the option of customising their own album making it bigger, smaller, changing the colour of the cover, inserting more spreads, choosing leather instead of linen. The whole experience is entirely unique and personalised on your own needs.

I usually design the album with the images I think are a perfect fit for the couple and the album itself. I then send the first proof to my clients who are able to basically change everything they wish, images included. However, I must say, usually couples are very happy with my work and require just a couple of changes. Once these changes are done, I send the couple my second and final proof.

The album is yours. That is why I want you to design it with me and be happy about the entire process. I think it is nice to let couples be a part of the “making”.


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