Wedding Photographers Mornington – Stillwater at Crittenden


Wedding Photographers Mornington – Stillwater at Crittenden

Wedding Photographers Mornington – Stillwater at Crittenden. Carla and Mark.

Carla and Mark are the friendliest, most down to earth and welcoming people you will ever meet. Together they have this positive energy that affects everybody around them.. their friends and families just as lovely as the couple itself.

It was clear from the beginning that our job was going to be extremely easy.. because as soon as Carla is in front of Mark magic happens.. I don’t think Mark and Carla even noticed we were there!

This was particularly evident during the ceremony when the wind blew the marriage certificate in the lake.. the couple did not notice so much absorbed they were looking into each other eyes…

PS. Don’t worry Jane the celebrant came back later on that night with another certificate for the couple to sign 🙂

Magical is the word to describe Mark and Carla’s Day and I hope these images do justice

{vendors at the end of the post}

Venue: Stillwater at Crittenden
Flowers: Poppy Culture
Band: Jimmy & Niki


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