Wedding at Pier 10

Wedding at Pier 10

Wedding at Pier 10

Wedding at Pier 10. It was NYE, Richelle and Dean were celebrating with their friends at Pier 10 in Red Hill.. Dean invited Richelle for a walk outside and totally surprise her with a ring.. Fast forward 2 years, this month the couple decided to get married right on the lawn Dean proposed that magical night. Here is a sneak-peek for you..

As Richelle was walking down the aisle, 3 birds flew in the sky.. right above where Dean was standing.. I had to stop and take a picture of this sign that Mother Nature was giving.. the perfect representation of Richelle, Dean and the little baby in Richelle’s tummy… such a beautiful and peaceful moment it made my eyes all teary.. sometimes nature has a funny way of showing itself.

Richelle and Dean, I wish you an amazing honeymoon in Italy!

{vendors at the end of this post}

Florist: Hello Blooms
Bridal Gown: Karen Willis Holmes
Make Up: Michelle O’Connell Makeup & Tanning

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